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11 June 2018
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9 June 2018
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Girra begins with gentle berms and rolling terrain before entering a series of switchbacks that generate a quick gain in elevation.

On the way up, you will encounter rock features that provide some A-lines and indicate the role that granite plays within the Park. Mere mortals can stick to the B-lines. Ten or so switchbacks later you will emerge at the Northern Trail Hub.

Everything is bigger on Girra's descent, making it a highlight of the Harcourt Mountain Bike Trails.

Here, many of La Larr Ba Gauwa Park's distinguishing natural features have been incorporated into a single downhill segment. There are giant berms, rock drops, gap jumps, tabletops and more. The most challenging lines are fairly clearly indicated, giving you the option to keep your wheels on the ground by taking an alternate line.

To make the most of the descent, set your suspension to soft, drop your seat post and let gravity take its course.

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