Barramul rear up
■ BARRAMUL (#06)
6 June 2018
08 Mir, slab descent
◆ MIR (#08)
4 June 2018



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The first few hundred meters of Gart Gart are a moderately steep climb out of a disused granite quarry. After cresting the hill, though,the gradient lessens as the track crosses a number of granite outcrops.

You will wind through large boulders and then come to a spot where the trail splits. One way takes you into a mini loop that leads to a viewpoint that overlooks the Harcourt Valley.

Continuing on the main Gart Gart trail, you'll encounter a series of steep switchback turns, inlaid with a solid base of granite blocks for great traction and weatherproofing. Take a breather at the top, where there's a great lookout from which you can view the whole park and surrounding countryside.

When you're ready to go, you'll wind down quickly on fast flowy berms towards the eastern trail hub.

At the eastern hub, the loops of Gurri (#10) and Milkuk (#11) start and finish.

After the eastern trail hub, Gart Gart drops into a deep gully, then rises out of it almost as quickly. Take note of the large step down gap jump here, on the edge of the trail.

Winding back across the hillside, you'll arrive at yet another junction. Here, you can choose to switch to Barramul (#6), dropping down for a fun return or to do the loop of Milipa (#9).

Gart Gart, though, stays high, climbing and falling over numerous rocky outcrops. You'll find some tricky A and B lines before you drop back down through the quarry and towards the trailhead shelter.

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