08 Mir, slab descent
◆ MIR (#08)
4 June 2018
10 Gurri sidewinder
■ GURRI (#10)
2 June 2018



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Milipa crosses a number of granite outcrops before narrowing and climbing—moderately at first, and then more steeply—up a succession of tight switchbacks.

You'll traverse the hillside and then descend via a series of small tight turns, berms as well as rocky ledges and drops.

Doubling back on itself, the trail winds up to a large exposed granite rock slab. Scale the slab, then you're onto a longish downhill run back to where Milipa merges back onto Barramul (#6).

Keep your eyes open for a number of features to jump off along the latter section. B lines give you the option to ride around the more challenging features.

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