05 Werpil flora downhill
◆ WERPIL (#05)
7 June 2018
7 Gart Gart speed corner
■ GART GART (#07)
5 June 2018



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Barramul gently climbs from the park shelter and heads deep into the park. Along the way, there are elevated views of the Oak Forest and Picnic Gully campground.

At the halfway point, the trail intersects with a return link from Gart Gart (#7) and then loops back on itself and arrives at the place where Milipa (#9) starts and finishes.

Beyond this point, the trail quickly speeds up, with a succession of rocky roll downs, flowy rollers and berms all the way back to the shelter and trail head. A keen eye will spot plenty of hidden A-lines and sneaky jumps along the way.

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